How many ecosystems?

As always, Benedict Evans provides thoughtful insight wrapped around lots of data with “How many ecosystems?“.

“We now have over 2bn iOS and Android devices on earth, and this will grow in the next few years to well over 3bn. This kind of scale is unprecedented in the computing industry (there are only 1.6bn PCs even now), and it tends to break prior assumptions in lots of interesting ways. One of the most interesting stress points for me is in the way that we think about ecosystems. It’s not clear how ‘winner-takes-all’ dynamics work, and it’s not clear how far ecosystems are global.” — Benedict Evans

The meaning of words.

Are we devaluing some of the most important words in our language in a desperate pursuit of being noticed? Once upon a time (at least that’s how I feel – or maybe just want to), words like hero, courage, incredible, horrible, magical and epic all seemed as if they were used sparingly – now it feels like every other click-bait headline or Facebook update includes some sort of controversial, hyped or just plain over-the-top jargon. Are we losing our ability to communicate?